DIY Mickey Mouse Ears or Glove for Your Next Cruise

Are you stuck in the house looking for things to brighten your day like me???

Yep, our Disney cruise was postponed too, because of the nasty virus circulating our world (insert VERY SAD FACE).  But luckily there is plenty of Disney magic we can create here at home while waiting for our world to recover.

You can make your own mouse ears and gloves for your next cruise (or just to hang around your house) right here with our free PDF templates!

Just print them out and use them to cut your own out of wood, foam board or card stock! (for a little guidance, you can check out the instructions we made for our lighted Mickey and Minnie cruise door decorations from wood here.  The steps are pretty much the same.) Then, get creative with paint, markers, and gasp… dare I say it for you risk-takers out there… GLITTER!   So gather your family together to create some magic while social distancing, and think about your next vacation!

If you want to add lights, we recommend these battery powered mini led lights. They come in lots of fun colors (blueredgreenwhite, and multi-color). If you’re creating a decoration for your next cruise, we recommend you put some magnets on the back.  For magnets, we recommend you use rare-earth magnets because of their strength, Here’s a link to the magnets we use.

If you want to save some time, you can get a ready to go Mickey ears kit from us. Our kit comes with the wooden ears cut out (6″x10″), a rare earth magnet and spacer, plus some optional add ons like LED lights and your name in vinyl to personalize your ears!   All you need is paint, brushes, wood glue and hot glue (for LED lights) to create your own.

Check out our other affordable DIY wooden kits too for Minnie ears and the glove.

Below are samples of what is included in some of the kits:







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