10308079_10202593830659706_2912914916325413768_nWe are a family of 3…well, make that 5 if you count our four-legged members: Bill, Nichole, Mia, and our dogs Shirley and Maple.

Bill always has a project going. He loves working with wood, metal, leather, bricks, electronics, technology, and food. He is a 21st century version of a Renaissance man. His favorite saying is, “If the women don’t find you handsome, at least let them find you handy!” He is the one who keeps our family focused on finishing what we start.

By day, Nichole is a high school Spanish teacher. By night, she gardens, bakes, and plays on her phone…(it is a bit of an addiction). She’s currently working on a really big compost pile in the backyard. She likes crafty projects and rolls her eyes when Bill wants her to finish what she started.

Mia is our eleven-year-old daughter. She cooks colorful pancakes made with sprinkles and likes to read. She is a creative social butterfly and spends her summer days convincing neighborhood kids to help her with her ideas and projects.


Shirley is our 4 year old English Bulldog.  We adopted her from Lone Star Dog Ranch Rescue.  She has a tongue that rivals that of a giraffe, and it never quite fits all the way in her mouth.  She doesIMG_2034 her best to keep our other dog Maple in line.  Maple is our 3-year-old French bulldog. Her job is snorting, grunting and guarding our home from “dangerous” strangers like FedEx, UPS and girl scouts. She occasionally does this funny wail/yelp cry when we are not paying enough attention to her.

So that’s our family. And this is our website. It turns out we kinda like making things and doing projects together. Lots of times we get ideas off the internet, but sometimes we just come up with things that we want or need and that becomes our next project. It’s our family hobby and how we spend our evenings and weekends. Some of our stuff turns out fantastic and sometimes it’s nothing to write home about. But, regardless of the outcome, it’s time we spend together. And we usually learn something from it. Like the other day, someone (who will remain unnamed) learned not to drill into someone else’s foot. Good life lessons.

This website is where we share our escapades, post some videos and maybe write how to’s. We figure if we enjoy it, why not you? If you are sitting there doubting your ability to tackle your next project, log in and see: “Good grief, if they can do it… why not me???” The website’s name is AlsIkKan. Bill says it’s Dutch for “to the best of my ability” and has something to do with measuring twice and cutting once. He’s a perfectionist like that…Nichole would prefer to call the website: Thatlooksaboutrighttome.com.  We make a good pair – we balance each other out by pulling each other in opposite directions.


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  1. Connie says:

    I was wanting to see if you would have a class on making a laundry room organizer. I would need your email address to send the picture to you.
    thank you

    Connie Read

    • Bill says:

      Hi Connie…I’d rather not post my email address here for fear the spammers will get it. 🙂 We do have a contact form you can use…just scroll over the “About” link above and you’ll see a link called “Contact.” Click on that and you’ll see a contact form. Just complete that form and it will allow you to send us your contact info without it being out in the public for the spammers to grab. Thanks!

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