DIY Gingerbread Cruise Door Magnet

What’s better than a Disney Cruise? How about a Disney Cruise during the Holidays. And now you can get the family together and create your very own Gingerbread Cruise Magnet.

This magnet is one of my favorite to make because each time I create one it reminds me of my childhood.  When I was a little girl, my family had this great tradition of making  Christmas decorations every year. One year it was a giant wreath made up of angels. Another year it was a shrinky dink 12 days of Christmas mobile. I think my childhood must have been like a lot of yours because we’ve gotten a ton of requests for a DIY version of the Gingerbread design. Sure, some folks are probably just crafty and want to make a magnet for their cruise or to display in their homes during the holidays, but I suspect a lot of you are wanting to pass those creative traditions from your childhood on in your own families. 

So, in response to your requests, we’ve created a DIY Gingerbread Kit that includes precut wooden pieces, led lights, magnets, and vinyl decals. We’ve also included below a list of supplies and several videos that provide step-by-step instructions for creating a Gingerbread Mickey. Happy Holidays (and Happy Cruising!). 🙂


  • DIY Gingerbread Kit
  • Paint (below are the colors we use. You should be able to find these at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.)
    • True Red – 302279 (Anita’s All-Purpose Acrylic Craft Paint)
    • White – 302277 (Anita’s All-Purpose Acrylic Craft Paint)
    • Lime Green – 2553 (Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint)
    • Green – 408 (Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint)
    • Cocoa (DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Wood glue
    • Some of the parts are small, so we use this finger protector to protect our skin from the hot glue
  • Glue gun
  • Painter’s tape
  • Cup
  • Water
  • Cardboard

Part 1: Unboxing your DIY Kit

Part 2: Painting

Part 3: Assembling

Part 4: Adding vinyl

Part 5: Adding lights

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  1. Amy Pena says:

    How do i purchase these kits?

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