How Long Do Batteries Last in a Lighted Door Magnet?

We’ve received a lot of questions from folks making their own DIY lighted door decorations asking how long the batteries last when the led lights are left on (which is what most folks like to do when displaying their magnets on their stateroom doors during a cruise or as a night light in their kid’s bedroom). Honestly, it’s not surprising folks are asking this question because the answer will help determine how many batteries you need to pack for your cruise (you definitely do not want to pay Disney, Carnival, or Royal Caribbean prices for AA batteries).

To determine how long the batteries last in a lighted Mickey door magnet, we conducted a not-so-scientific test of three brands of AA batteries. Watch the video below to find out how long they last and which brand lasted the longest. Links to the batteries we tested are also included below.

Below are links to the batteries we used in our test.

Duracell AA Batteries

ALLMAX AA Batteries

EBL AA Batteries




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