Kickin’ it Old School

Brand logos work because they speak to us; and if they change it is usually very subtle.  However some brands have done total re-hauls… with mixed results.  For example, Facebook, Amazon and Apple have all gone through major logo changes. (Check them out here.)

I mean, haven’t you ever reminisced over an old logo you loved, and felt sorry to see it changed?  In 2011, DVC changed their logo from Mickey peering over mountains, ocean and palm trees to a globe with Mickey ears (see them both here).

Early members of Disney Vacation Club contacted us to see if we would create a light up wooden magnet of the old logo from the early 1990s.  Makes sense – if you bought into DVC during the old logo – it represents “the ideal vacation” to you!

We were super excited to make this old school DVC logo magnet!  If you need your own, you can buy one made personally for your family right here on Etsy =).  In the meantime, check out how cool it is on our short video below:


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