Disney Snack Magnets

Disney snacks. They are a thing. A big thing. Iconic, tasty, and very photogenic! If you’re like us, I’m sure one of your favorite things to do when visiting Disney is to enjoy your favorite snack (or snacks!). Our daughter Mia loves the candy apples. She buys a Minnie one on each trip and declares it is too beautiful to eat… so it sits, on the counter, for weeks.  TMI? Sorry, it’s real life. Bill’s favorite snack is a chocolate covered Mickey Rice Krispy treat and he swears there is nothing better than eating one while watching a parade on Main Street. What’s my favorite? A Mickey Ice Cream bar and I love eating one on a hot (or cold!) day while sitting on a bench watching folks stroll by (and resting my tired feet).

In honor of our love for Disney snacks, we’ve created these fun snack-themed magnets to display on our cabin door during our upcoming cruise. Do you have a favorite Disney snack? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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