Corn hole anyone?


Not much required: plywood and 2×4’s

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if we had ever built a corn hole game.  Turns out we have!  We built a small one to fit in our travel trailer.  It’s not quite regulation size – but it’s not like corn hole is an exact science, right?  I mean, usually there is beer involved.  And you are throwing bags of corn for pete’s sake!


Bill measuring the first of many times.

Corn hole boards are not difficult to make.  All you need is plywood, 2×4’s and stuff to make the beanbags with.  We got our plans here.  Then make a quick trip to Home Depot for the wood, Hobby Lobby for the right kind of fabric, and finally to Tractor Supply for the most important part:  CORN!  Can’t use bean bags for corn hole.  No sir-ee Bob –  that would be a crime.

Now, you do need 2 different colors of fabric for the corn hole bags – and they have to be durable for throwing around outside.  We used a canvas fabric.  The instructions are here.


After you glue and nail it, you should clamp it down with some wood clamps. French bulldogs also will do the job, as long as you don’t mind their snoring.

Once you have all your supplies, you can make a basic game set in a weekend.  Now, for those of you who know my husband, know that it takes us longer because he is who he is:  a perfectionist.  So the one we worked on took us 2 weeks plus, due to measuring, cutting, re-measuring, re-cutting, sanding, polyurethaning, re-sanding, more poly, more sanding (not just the top, all the insides too… don’t want someone reaching in the hole to get a splinter now, do we?).  And then, when that was done, we added a fun vinyl decal.  It had a few wrinkles, so we had to recut and re apply.  But now that it is DONE – I have to admit, it looks (and feels) fantastic!



Here is the finished product.  They are a fun project to make!  Even funner to play =).  Make your own, or if you wanna just get your game on – let us know and we can make you your own personalized set!



The finished product – for the Polk family

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