How I started making fleece hats

So I have this neighbor who is super crafty and creative.  I like to spy on her.  Let’s call her Anna to protect my right to continue to spy.  She does everything from homemade Halloween costumes, crochet hats and scarves to holiday wreaths.  Anyway, my modus operandi is to compliment her current project and then she starts talking about it and when I ask follow up questions, she shows me how to do it!  All you need is a neighbor like Anna and YOU TOO can be crafty!    Or maybe I can be your virtual neighbor…

photo (12)My first project with Anna was the fleece hats.  All you need is fleece and a sewing machine.  Once you learn the basic pattern, the rest is easy and you can add your own details and creativity.  Now, I do have a sewing machine.  You see, when I got married, my mom gave me her old sewing machine.  This sewing machine is older than I am.  Mom got it when SHE got married.  It weighs about 72 pounds and comes in a convenient “carrying” case.  Mom was somewhat crafty.  She did LOTS of macramé when I was a kid.  Even now we always use her Christmas ornaments to fully decorate the back of the tree.  (Love you, Mom!) Anyway, I lugged my machine over to Anna’s house and she showed me how to sew a hat.  The first one was the hardest and took me probably 10 hours.  If I pay myself minimum wage, it is worth at least $72.50… don’t think anyone would buy it for that though.

However, it did get easier after that first hat, and I got lots faster.  I am just a bit of a slow learner.  I’ve made about 15 hats so far, and we have our first craft show in a week.  My daughter loves them, and she wants one of each… but she can’t afford them.  She does not make minimum wage yet.  She has asked for a raise, but her bosses are tightwads.

By the way “Anna” if you are reading this, you totally rock!

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  1. Mom says:

    Love this! BTW, you do now have a sewing machine weighing a bit less than 72 lbs, I hope! Good luck and we’ll see you at the Craft Show!

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