10 fun and easy ideas for your own DIY Disney cruise door decoration!

If you’ve ever been on a Disney Cruise ship… you know that a HUGE part of the vacation is each family’s Mickey decorations on their stateroom door!  Lots of families use online printables or purchase already made magnets from Etsy shops, but this post is for those of you who want to make your very own.

First of all – most of the Disney door decorations that are out there are pretty flimsy… laminated paper or thin magnets.  We recommend using something stronger like a thin laminate, plywood or our DIY wooden Mickey/Minnie kit with magnets.  This way your door decorations will last not only for the duration of your vacation but also serve as a lasting memory and souvenir of your time together.  And if you are one of those lucky people who belong to the Castaway Club… you can use your wooden door decoration again on your next cruise and create a family tradition!

Whatever material you decide to use, get a good Mickey template here to trace and cut for your door decoration.  (Oh, and here are the pants… and the bow for Minnie)

OK, now for the fun part… decorating your Mickeys! (By the way, this also helps with vacation anticipation and extends all fun and excitement of the “I can’t wait until we board” cruise)

10.  Bling Mickey: Paint your Mickey your favorite color and buy gems, sequins, glitter, rhinestones, and feathers from your local craft store.  Glue away!  (I used a paintbrush with school glue to make the letter and heart glitter shapes.) You may want to just decorate the Minnie bow or the Mickey pants with bling so it’s not too extra.

9. Handprint Mickey: Paint your Mickey black and have your small kids do a fun color handprint.  Make sure to write the date so they can see how much they grew the next time they go cruising!

8. Party Mickey: Celebrating something special for your cruise?  Paint your Mickey black and use decals or a Cricut to print out Happy Anniversary, birthday or your other special event.  Find a party hat, squish it flat, glue it on.  Add a noise maker, some confetti, and streamers to your Mickey with a little E6000 to begin your party!

7.  Beach Mickey:  Paint Mickey light blue (think sky/ocean), cut out a 1/2 circle of sandpaper for the bottom of Mickey’s head (think beach) and glue on.  Add cotton balls for fluffy clouds.  Collect seashells from your beach stops and add them on as you cruise.  This one is great for kids who like to touch and feel things!

6.  Sticker Mickey: Paint your Mickey your favorite color.  While you cruise, have your kids collect stickers from each place you visit.  Look for them in ports of call, tourist shops, and don’t forget bumper stickers!  Disney cast members in stores sometimes give out stickers too.

5.  Signature Mickey: Paint your Mickey white and buy a set of colored permanent markers.  As you explore the ship, when you see a character, have him or her sign your Mickey!  Soon your Mickey will be filled with unique and colorful Disney signatures!

4.  Bucket List Mickey: Paint your Mickey with chalkboard paint (do a few coats).  Use chalk to write out your cruise bucket list… for example zip lining, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, etc.  Check them off as you go!  Need some ideas? Click here for the Ultimate Disney Cruise Line bucket list!

3.  Flag Mickey: Paint your Mickey black.  Have your kids research the locations you will be visiting on your cruise.  Print out the flags of the ports of call.  Use a couple coats of mod podge to seal the paper flags onto your Mickey decoration.

2.  Map Mickey: Find maps which include your ports of call and the locations of your cruise.   Mod podge the maps on to your Mickey.  Use a permanent marker to mark your ship’s route and places you visit.  Do a search for port of call maps to find the ones you need.  Lots of cruises stop by Disney’s own island…  click here to find a Castaway Cay map.

1. Fingerpaint Mickey:  Paint Mickey or Minnie black and then let your kids have at it with the finger paints and Mickey’s pants or Minnie’s bow!  Talk about a unique design!!! When everything is dry, glue on the colorful pants/bow! (I’d have them do it outside and then hose them down before coming back in! =D LOL!)


Please send us pictures and photos of your Mickeys and Minnies!  We’d love to see your creative ideas and door decorations!




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